Past Presenters

Past Guest presenters have included:


  • Bureau of Industry and Security- Lauren Nieland, and Tina Stasulli Korb

  • Currie Associates- Lance Wiley, and Tom Ferguson

  • Dangerous Goods Of America- Fred Romero (President)

  • DGD Hazmat- Luis Lopez

  • DGI Training - Darryl Melton

  • DGM USA- Andy Pennell

  • Econocaribe- John Abisch

  • Eculine- Kris De Witte (President)

  • Federal Maritime Commission- Andrew Margolis, and Eric Mintz

  • Freightwatch [Cargo Theft]- Ed Petow

  • Lynn University- Humberto Florez 

  • MATSON -Clifford Barkley,

  • Kestrel- Steven Keats

  • SeaPack- Mark Kearns (President)

  • Tomcats [Cargo Theft]- Dennis Stabile, and Willie Morales